Houben & Son    (FR-NL)

Steve and Greg Houben have decided to unveil their family talents.
They have looked back at their history and combined their enviable talents.

One wanted to be a poet and the other an actor, but what they do here bears a greater resemblance to jazz.
Simple in form and rich in emotion. At every instant, a new door opens onto a space that reveals fabulous silences that feel like salt, sand or snow under strange resonant nebulae, an old song of solitude.

Their magic enables us to hear the words of the world that tell the story of everyday lives, worries, loves.
Then brass joins up with wood and begins a cantata for two voices, joined by a piano, drums and cymbals that are also thrown into the furnace and led by the double bass which pursues its fabulous walk on the timeline in a state of perpetual movement !

New album “7/7 “ coming on December 2019 on Igloo Records

Steve Houben: sax, flute; Greg Houben: trumpet, bugle; Pascal Mohy: piano; Cédric Raymond: bass; Lionel Beuvens: drums